About The Product




All of my ceramic work is created with a stoneware-porcelain blend and fired with cone 5-6 glazes. All of my functional ceramics are crafted with a food-safe glaze, unless otherwise specified.



Hand washing is always recommended for ensured longevity of each piece. Limited microwave use is ok, but please be sure to use extreme caution, as ceramic ware naturally transfers heat.

**Items decorated with 22k gold luster are NEVER microwave safe, and should never be placed in the dishwasher.


 Mixed Media Branch Work: 

The branches depicted are sourced from either the forest, or as driftwood. I am mindful of where I get the branches from, and never take more than a few branches at a time. I can not guarantee the species of any of the branches, however each branch is coated in a polycrylic finish to protect the wood, as well as enhance the organic beauty of each piece.

I use a variety of repurposed and new jewelry, natural crystals, hand crafted ceramic pendants, nylon thread, beads, acrylic paint, faux air plants, macrame, and sometimes jewelry wire in addition to my branch work.  



Please note that all dimensions listed for each item are approximate and measured to the closest ¼”. 

I photograph my work in natural light to give the best representation of the colors. Please consider that different screens and devices may represent these photographs in a slightly altered color or hue. If you have questions about any of the items, please feel free to contact me. 


Small Parts Warning: 

Some of our wall décor items contains small parts and are not a toy. Please keep out of reach of children.